vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery

The perspective that aesthetics of art goes beyond physical and economic value is what prompts the establishment of vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery, an artist-run space that supports Philippine contemporary artists who integrate advocacy in their practice. The artworks presented in vMeme exhibitions and collection represent a culture of hope and freedom for art, artists, communities and our society.

Collect art and support a cause at the same time. Beginning collectors and seasoned patrons will find a range of styles with artists-advocates who express their love for people, environment, children, nation, equality, communities, history and more. The vMeme Team of art experts are always available to help you build your collection or to simply have a good talk about art.

vMeme (pronounced vee-meem) is a structure of thinking which manifests in human behavior & development, social dynamics, systems, choices, directions and culture at large.​

Work with vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery

For art collectors, institutions, companies and organizations, vMeme Contemporary provides professional assistance in collections management, curatorial services, legal expertise in art & cultural heritage laws, art conservation, and project management. Our circle of artists may also be available for art commissions.

For artists and art collectives who want to be a part of vMeme, please send us your portfolio, profile (including your specific advocacy) and exhibit concept (optional). We will be happy to help you with your cause through art.