CHASING THE QUOTIDIAN: two women photographers in lure of light

an exhibition of photographs by Little Wing Luna and Jo A. Santos

A concept as ambiguous as the female gaze is often associated with so-called regularities of the everyday, the securities of domesticity, and convenience of femininity. This particular concept is argued upon by the exponential surfacing of women artists whose practices exemplify that associations in regularities, securities and conveniences are mere assumptions. 

A mosaic of images shot by Luna and Santos find and express enlightenment and attest to the irrelevance of such assumptions. The shutter is witness to the female gaze looking and seeing in meta-critical fashion. Luna and Santos run after meanings and meta-meanings, narratives and meta-narratives, constructs and meta-constructs – all beyond regularity, security and convenience. This exhibit explicates the monumental, the critical, the universally particular, the particularly universal, the comical, the arresting, the fantastic, the ironic and the hopeful in the mundane.