Brave Singh, known for visually reiterating concepts of memory and nostalgia as a state of “once-againness” in family history and contemporary existence, fast-tracked his accomplishments in art with 4 solo exhibitions in major art galleries, regular stints in major art fairs in the country and highly engaged audience in just a few years of creating art. Quite an elusive aspect of being an artist is arresting a style, a technique and a subject matter that one can own up to, is one which is not even a feat for Brave. His works delves deep into the cognates of family and memory, reconnaisance and sentimentality, being reserved and the generosity to share – with a strong sense of originality in form, content and material. Based in the historical district of Vigan, Ilocos Norte, Brave resides in an ancestral home that not only reinforces his sentimental character but also his calm authenticity in dealing with loss. This well of experience with the “quiet” of isolated living recently merged with a surprising twist in a momentary series of experiences meeting his Indian biological father for the Virst time just a couple of years ago and travelling with him in North America and Southern

Asia. The result is a multi-layered production of meaning in visual form by an Ilocano-Indian, nurse by education, contemporary Vilipino artist by profession, collector of memories and traveler of the world who primarily works in quaint solitude. So much in a sentence as Brave’s works are so much in one painting. He leaves his audiences awaiting so much more.