Various artists, a mix of veteran, mid-career and up & coming creators, invite you once again to pry into their minds through a selection of visual journal entries in the second edition of the exhibit A MALADY OF SORTS showcasing hundreds of small artworks in various sizes, forms, and mediums.

Another Malady of Sorts

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
~Henry Ward Beecher

Artists are known for creating vast murals and intricately-painted masterpieces, massive statues and iconic imagery. They go down in history for their most memorable visions--known to many as grand works with exorbitant price tags kept in high-security safes. Yet great works of art are not formed in one fell swoop. There are rough sketches, color studies, figure drawings, and photos. Some artists doodle, collage, and scribble away the everyday just to get closer and closer to the ultimate vision. With every line and stroke, they refine their character and enrich their visual vocabularies.

They create. And in this process, they become.

In the first edition of Malady, we asked a group of artists to record their thoughts in tiny pieces of art (4 by 6 inches, to be exact) as spontaneously and least conscious as they can. We looked at this as an entry point into conversations about thought processes, authenticity, inhibitions, intra-inter/power relations, fantasy, projections, and obsessions, among others. This time, with twice the number of participants, each artist's journal entry can invade a plethora of sizes just up to 12 by 16 inches.

In recent years, art has garnered a lofty reputation as luxury items or museum pieces, apt for a selfie, but unattainable or laborious in its acquisition. This exhibit is an invitation to see art in a different light. Pry into the artist's mind through a selection of relatable and unabashed visual journal entries. Imagine a room full of tiny thoughts, echoing, bouncing, kaleidoscoping, masking and unmasking, murmuring, screeching, pounding, disquieting, silencing, haunting, even seducing. It is a room, twice as mad, encapsulating a group of artists’ daily thoughts, moods, or obsessions.

From the moment you enter, you lay witness to what reverberates in that moment when the day-to-day unedited converges with raw trails of thought. We sincerely hope you’ll join us as we uncover the maladies that fuel the creative mind

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