​“TANAW” opened last February 9 at the Commercenter Lobby in accordance with National Arts Month. This exhibit features the plein air paintings of veteran artists Bing Siochi and Ernie Patricio, which will be on-view until March 5, 2019.

A Tale of Two Plein Air Painters


Painting en plein air is the act of painting outdoors as one sees their subject. In the process, the artist captures a moment’s masterpiece peppered with insights and ponderings shared through the process. Between the paintings of Sirs Bing Siochi and Ernie Patricio is a camaraderie that not only nurtures their skills as artists but also their love and care for the environment, people and the society. With an art bag full of their reliable tools, the two artist friends often headed to the outskirts to find a nice view for a plein air session. Hour after hour they tried to feel the fresh air, and let all the energies come into visual form in their artworks.


To commemorate these golden times, vMeme is showcasing 50 of the artists’ signature plein air pieces in the exhibit entitled “Tanaw.” Patricio’s narrative watercolor and Siochi’s romantic oil and acrylic paintings tell the audience stories about places lived in, the plight of fellow Filipinos, and a tale of friendship between two artists who take their roles beyond their palettes.

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