Even the slightest movement can break the stillness and cause an awakening from a state of dormancy. “Stirrings” is what four artists of different backgrounds and different styles bear witness to in their collection of artworks at VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery.


Unique to each one’s personal journey as an artist is the spur that propelled a change of state, a movement translated into visual representations on paper or on canvas, and a realization of this act’s irreversibility as one creation eventually led to another. Art is utilized as a vehicle for emotional resilience, for coping with the trials of the everyday and the turbulence of existence.


Jet Bernal, Mulong Mediavillo, Oliver Ramos and Rochelle Prado invite you to see beyond pencil shades, pen marks and brush strokes and into their experiences of the faintest sound that caused a tremor, the smallest ripple that caused a wave, the crack that caused a crevice - the stirrings that, in all of us, causes the rousing of art from life and life from art.


“Stirrings” unfolds on March 16, 2019, 6pm at VMeme Contemporary Art Gallery, G/F Margaret Grand Residences, Brgy. San Antonio, Pasig City. Exhibit runs until April 6, 2019.

Download Exhibit Catalogue Here on March 17th.

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