Jinsol Lee is Korean by blood, Filipino by education, and transnational by nature. Born in Seoul, Jinsol moved to Manila in 2002 to study. Since then she has travelled back and forth Manila and Korea and other cities around the world in between to live the way she wants to – with no bounderies or territories to either define her or call her own. With a Fine Arts education (Major in Studio Arts – Painting) from the University of the Philippines, Jinsol engages heavily in artworks that contribute to her research and understanding of human life. Most of the time anthropoligical and sociological, her works deal with the intricacies, phenomena, nuances, interlocutions and multilinear/dimensional aspects of human behaviour and interactions. Her current series is a visual study on how luxury items shape human thought and the notion of excesses. Currently residing in the posh Cheongdam-dong in the Gangnam District, Jinsol immerses in the culture of high fashion and visually notes down her observations, articulations, inquiries and inquisitions in collection of paintings. Depicting priced objects, composed in horror vacui style and an apparent pop culture aura in contemporary Northern Asian colors using Western techniques, Jinsol’s art foundation is as vast as her view of the world.