Laura Jermina Abejo is a kind of artist who unhinges herself from conventional art methods and forms. We see her working in a variety of materials from clay to ink to crochet, interlocked with Vine art techniques in most painting media. A graduate of Fine Arts (Major in Studio Arts – Painting), magna cum laude, on top of her bachelor’s degree in European Languages (French), both from the University of the Philippines, Laura is anchored as a new breed of feminist art practitioners to ‘rock the boat’, as they say. Her current artistic preoccupation dissects the concepts of feminine vs. un/anti-feminine, personal vs. communal, absurdity vs. acceptability, comfort vs. discomfort, art vs. craft, cerebral vs. material, beauty vs. sublime, -- all at once in a way that we can call as current and specific yet universal. Laura’s recent series explores the dynamics, on some occasions intrusive while comforting in others, of communal spaces in the home. Her works also include visual articulations of both the intimacy and “publicness” embedded in the body. Perhaps most-Vitting as agent of the ecriture feminine in its visual art counterpart, Laura renders depictions that do not conceal her strong opinions on issues that concern her generation, nation, gender and class, the visible markings of epistemic violence and the involuntary silences that her critical artistic mind converses and argues with.