vMeme features Verano, Villafranca, Dolot and Flores at ManilArt 2013

vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery presents a visual anthology of commentaries about the gradient nature of Philippine society and culture in this year’s Manilart 2013. Entitled NO BINARIES, the exhibit explores gray areas through the works of Francisco M. Verano, Veejay Villafranca, Crown Dolot and Resty Flores.


NO BINARIES articulates the absence of binary oppositions in terms of people’s opinions, perspectives, choices, affinities and personalities. Gradience is visible in hybrid archetypes, ambivalent stances, collective dilemma, and all the various gray areas apparent in people, institutions, culture, emotions and identities, among others. Four artists coming from varied points-of-view: Veejay Villafranca, Crown Dolot, Francisco Verano and Resty Flores combine a spectrum of perspectives based on beliefs, gender, age, cultural capital, education, experiences, ideologies, et cetera. The exhibit presents visual imageries of ambiguity and in-betweens, further highlighting the absence of extreme polarities or the simple dichotomy of black and white.


The show is curated by Avie Felix. vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery is at Booth A7 of Manilart 2013. The fair will run from October 9-13 at SMX Aura. For more details about the fair, see www.manilart.com.