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This exhibit is a collective scrutiny of form/medium, revolving around how form affects subjects, objects, people, creation and viewership. At one level, the collection surfaces how objects around us affect our lives and vice versa. At another, it discusses how objects-of-art become evidence of a period, or a movement, or a phenomenon. Some pieces are to explore how objects or “stuffs” define us or hold us captive. Another trajectory is to showcase objects as allegories of struggles in the contemporary moment. Sometimes philosophical, at times allegorical, yet also unmistakably literal, even masochistic at times, more-so resistant while being obsessive, the exhibit wishes to flip the boundaries of what art is especially in this period of multiple directions and countless resonances. Artists are encouraged to either incorporate unconventional materials or visually depict objects to present a commentary on the relationship of objects and human life. Artists may also explore the material perimeter of what is contemporary art nowadays, or respond to the challenge of the nature of contemporary art as being paradoxically “limitless”. The exhibit is open to artists’ experimentation of their own practice/s.

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