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If we take the recent years as formative of post-contemporary thought (if there could really
be such a thing), we’d notice that almost everything transitions into a holistic concept of
change. This change, however, grounds itself on one prerequisite: HEALING. Indicative of
this over-arching concept of healing is its prevalence in the mundane --- fashion introduces
wearapy (wear+therapy), fitness clubs gives us mergers of meditation and exercise for
healing of body and minds, travel and tours offer relief from stress, bookstores stock on
shelves after shelves of self-help books, religion encourages us to heal through the Word,
television programming urges us to cry it all out, so on and so forth. Why? Because we all
need to heal as individuals, as people, as a society, as a nation. We are always offered a
relief for some sort of pain because, undeniably, there exists pain.

The perception of healing is formed in many ways through different paradigms. For some,
healing is ritualistic and facilitated through an action-based tradition; for others healing is a
step-by-step unfolding through time. For some, healing is an individual undertaking; for
others, healing is maneuvered by a higher Being. Whatever paradigm it is, in this moment
of transition from contemporary age into what we still are to discover, there is clarity in the
constancy of an appeal towards healing.


But how do we heal? In our microcosmic corner called the art world, how is healing
possible? Are artists able to heal? Can art heal? What is the role of art in this constant
plight to forget, to process, to change and to rise? In this exhibit, contemporary artists
engage in a process-based project of art, change and intra-personal analysis all-at-once in
a collective journey to enable a transition towards a period of healing. The process-based
project expects and hopes for illustrations of healing, documentations of the investigation of
healing via art, activation of senses to understand healing more through sight, touch, smell
and more. The project hopes to uncover tropes, aspects and nature/s of healing through art
by artists themselves in an anticipated diverse body of work.

From November 23 to December 23, 2019, vMEME Contemporary Art Gallery will
open its doors for an exhibit entitled: Restoration Breeds: a project to heal. The
exhibition will run in three different locations one after another. Starting at Commercenter,
Alabang to its next stop at Estancia, Pasig City until it reaches U.P Town Center, Quezon

RESTORATION BREEDS: a project to heal, is a group exhibition of artists/art teachers.
The exhibit will be featuring the works of Joshua Arcipe, Shireen Co, Kim Dy Buncio,
Tintin Elbo, Avie Felix, Jade Gacuan, Mark Lim, Mulong Mediavillo, Oliver Abe Ramos
and Kelvin Taol. Opening this Nov. 23, 2019, Saturday at 5 PM.

vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery
Phone: 8824-9454 / 0917 5800 974

Restoration Breeds Prose and Poetry by Avie Felix

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