SCENE/SEEN by Resty Flores and Billijin Carle Esguerra

FLOURISH by Gina Luz Francisco

vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery, in cooperation with Creating SPACE Inc., unveiled two exhibitions entitled Scene/Seen and Flourish last March 23, 2013. Two-man show Scene/Seen featured contemporary artists Billijin Carle Esguerra and Resty Flores, while Flourish is a solo exhibit of multi-disciplinary artist Gina Luz Francisco.

Scene/Seen is a reconstruction of male and female archetypes in Philippine folklore. The exhibit implies the ambivalence of creation: Does the gaze create the milieu or does the setting frame the vision? Esguerra and Flores propose refigurations of the realities of Filipino folk narratives through existing personal and cultural memories and imaginations. As a collection of ethnographic documentations of mindful swashes and strokes, Scene/Seen attempts to breathe a fresh understanding of the waxing and waning of our oral lores.

Flourish stages Gina Luz Francisco’s reinterpretation of her environment in a series of watercolor paintings. In this collection, she detangles the complexity of femininity, artistry, solitude and memory. Her paintings are invitations of ease, comfort and hope that interpret her point-of-view as a woman artist. Reminiscent of early storybook illustrations, her paintings of flowers, fruits and butterflies also tell of her story as someone who wears many hats - woman, musician, housewife, educator and artist. These paintings collectively demonstrate that women can still continue art practice despite domesticity, advocacy and other social expectations.

Scene/Seen and Flourish are curated by Mr. Randel Urbano and Ms. Crown Dolot under the RELAY Program of non-government organization Creating SPACE Inc. Percentage of proceeds will support sustainable art programs of the NGO.