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vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery’s latest offering, VERSE TO FORM, featuring recent works by Ian Castañeda, Oliver Ramos, Laura Abejo and Avie Felix, a confluence of worlds, of verses and of forms, and the subsequent multifarious meanings, interpretations and reinterpretations these collaborative works ensue, are celebrated. Opening on August 24, 7:00 in the evening at 2F Bridgeway, Estancia Capitol Commons.


The exhibit features a selection of paintings inspired by text and texts inspired by paintings, as adaptations and re-adaptations of messages and meanings. Revolving around the idea of how communication is not only inevitable but also a universal aspiration and in magnitude one that is overly variable, the artworks in this show present the paradoxes of a highly nuanced process of a supposedly natural and simple communication. The (non)verbal exchange seem simple and innocent enough: a word is spoken and sent to a receiver; and the receiver comprehends. However, each human being is dynamic and carries with them their own narratives and experiences, breathing new worldings in the process. While to a certain extent, missing context cues from the original message may create discordant experiences akin to the fable of the Tower of Babel, it is pedantic to view such non-homogeniety as entirely negative; contrasts enrich our human existence.


“The plurality of (re)interpretations take center stage in this exhibit; the process in which these artists have come together to form the show is quite interesting, to say the least. A selection of prose and poetry takes on new meanings as each artist navigate through their own thoroughfares and create entire new universes, making each collaborative work, their own. The process is both communal and personal, and each work achieves a beautiful symbiosis,” curator Frani Madrid enthused. 

Download Exhibit Catalogue Here